Small but mighty. The Junior Design Factory work on quality designs for real paying clients.

Junior Design Factory

About Us

At The Junior Design Factory young people respond to design briefs from real clients, taking full creative control in answering each brief that lands in our studio.

The young people who come to our design studio are young people who learn differently - some simply find the standard curriculum a challenge, whilst others have diagnosed specific learning difficulties. The Junior Design Factory introduces the creative sector to them as an area in which they may excel in future life.

With the guidance of professional designers, illustrators, marketing experts, and photographers the young designers are in charge of making the key creative decisions, and presenting their design proposals to each of their clients.

This ‘real world’ approach has a positive impact on essential skills including self confidence, team working, creative thinking and problem solving, all of which contribute significantly to their personal development and life chances outside of the classroom.

100% of all design fees from paying clients go towards the running of the Junior Design Factory.