Hull Is This

Hull Is This is a constructive journalism platform which promotes positive news stories in Hull. The editor asked us to design a modern, forward-thinking logo – not using old technology as icons, so no rolled-up newspapers, megaphones, typewriters – and certainly nothing to do with the Humber Bridge either!

We designed their logo around the concept of communication. We ‘hit’ upon the idea of using Morse Code for the letters H.I.T.

H = dot dot dot dot, I = dot dot, T = dash.

This gives a clever nod to the past whilst creating an eye catching and contemporary brand for news worth shouting about!

HIT logo.jpg
Dot, dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot. Dash. Genius!

Dot, dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot. Dash. Genius!

Jerome Whittingham, Editor at Hull Is This

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